Dr. Dunn provides quality online psychiatric care to adults in Louisiana from the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your home, office, car, or any place where you have reliable internet service. She sees patients in person at The Mind Body Collective located at 627 Opelousas Avenue in Algiers Point, New Orleans, LA

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telepsychiatry service


What is telepsychiatry?

Review information presented by the American Psychiatric Association here.

What conditions do you treat?
Dr. Dunn provides high quality, evidence-based adult psychiatric evaluation and medication management for most psychiatric conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Adjustment Disorder
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Bipolar Depression or Mania
  • Attention Deficit
  • Insomnia
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Social Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective Conditions
  • Other types of Psychosis
Can I use my insurance?

Dr. Dunn may accept your insurance. Please click here for more details.

How much do visits cost?
$100 for 15 minute check-in visit
Initial Evaluations are $275 for a 60 minute visit
Follow up visits are $150 for 25-30 minute visit
Extended follow up visits are $250 for 50 minute visit

Payments are accepted by credit card or through Paypal

Pay it Forward Program: Dr. Dunn has partnered with Santosha Village to provide telepsychiatry services in exchange for community service with Kula.

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How do I prepare for my telemedicine visit?
  • Be sure that you have access to high-speed internet, video, and sound through your laptop or smart phone
  • Prior to your visit, complete the intake form that is emailed to you. This will tell you how to access the virtual waiting room.

Tips that can improve call quality:

  • Restart your computer before a call. Other applications might be using computer power or have access to your camera or microphone. Restarting your computer will ensure your computer is ready for video.
  • Use fast Internet with an Ethernet cable. Video quality changes with Internet speed, so the faster your connection, the better the quality of your video will be.
  • Use a newer computer with plenty of processing speed. Sending and receiving video takes a lot of computer power. Old or slow computers will have a harder time processing the video, which can cause choppiness.
  • Use low resolution. If you are experiencing poor video quality, try lowering the resolution. Using LD or SD requires less bandwidth and computer power than using HD, which will mean less choppiness during your call.
  • Use headphones. Your computer will usually automatically eliminate echo or audio feedback so you don’t hear yourself talking. But if it happens, both you and other participants in the call using headphones should solve the problem.
Is there a physical address for the office?

Dr. Dunn generally holds in-person office hours on Mondays at The Mind Body Collective at 627 Opelousas Avenue. To avoid confusion, please confirm your appointment type in your appointment confirmation email.

Can I talk to Dr. Dunn before scheduling an appointment?

Yes. If you still have questions that are not addressed in the FAQs, you may request a free 10 minute consultation with Dr. Dunn here.

Please state “Free consultation” as your reason for the appointment. This consultation is for general questions. This does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

What Patients Say

“She saved my life.

“When I sought out psychiatric help, I was at my lowest and I didn’t recognize myself. I lost my faith in God. I stopped working and was at risk of losing my job, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t talking to loved ones nor leaving the house. I was abusing alcohol and not properly eating. I basically shut down. I’ve never experienced full blown depression prior to this year. I was afraid and needed help. Due to COVID, the sessions had to be virtual. I was skeptical, but from the first meeting, I knew that Dr. Dunn was the correct person to help me. Having the feeling of comfort came easy due to her calm and soothing demeanor. Also, there’s a genuineness about her that makes you feel safe. She allows you to be in whatever state you are in which I feel is vital for healing. She gives exercises that help to get you through the tough times. I’ve learned that the secret is learning to cope and find the root cause. The most valuable lessons, so far, were forgiving myself and showing myself love and kindness. She explained that those are difficult for many individuals, which made me feel like I’m not alone.

“Dr. Dunn offers so much more than just med management. All of the lessons and the actual therapy are the reasons why I’m mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healing.”


New Orleans, LA

“I really have enjoyed the high quality individualized services I have received from Dr. Donisha Dunn. I really appreciate the reminder calls, text messages, and prompt customer service. I really love the rapport that she has established with me. In addition to finding out my symptoms and my functioning, she finds out how I may have been impacted over the course of time. I am very satisfied and I highly recommend her for not only medication management services but for therapeutic services. She is definitely someone that I endorse and someone that has really had a positive impact on my life.”


Ms. V
New Orleans, LA

“She is an awesome psychiatrist, primary care physician and friend! I became a patient of Dr. Dunn’s in October, 2010, when my husband committed suicide. I came to her hopeless, helpless and full of guilt and remorse. I wasn’t eating or sleeping and had lost over 30lbs in a month. I was feeling responsible so the guilt was overwhelming. Dr Dunn diagnosed me with depression and began to treat me with anti- depressants. Her passion and concern for my well-being and my mental health helped me through the process of recovery to where I am today. Dr. Dunn spent time with me, counseled me and supported me when I needed it the most. Through continued love and support, Dr Dunn encouraged me to pursue my passion, which is to help others who suffer from mental illness or emotional problems. The gratitude, love and respect that I have for Dr Dunn cannot be measured. Thanks, Dr. Dunn!”


Angie K
New Orleans, LA


Mindfulness Meditation

Donisha teaches mindfulness meditation to her patients, online, and through community courses.
“My journey with meditation began with my yoga practice and deepened as I continued to study and take part in silent retreats. As a psychiatrist, I’ve seen the benefits of this practice first-hand and feel compelled to share these teachings with whomever is open to explore.”
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mindfulness meditation service

Guided Meditations & faqs

Listen to my meditations
Follow my channel
What is mindfulness meditation?
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What People Say

“Gorgeous. A calm, loving, velvety voice. Beautiful meditation.”


Insight Timer

“Donisha has that subtle glow that comes from doing what you love. Her guided meditations are like velvet to the ears and her talks are well crafted, unique, and engaging.”


Jana O’Brien
Meditation and Yoga RYT 200 hrs
Rossland, BC, Canada

“Donisha has a joy and a light that soothes the soul. Her lyrical voice, her humor and her deep compassion make her a gifted teacher and healer. She integrates the mind, body, heart and spirit into her work in powerful ways.”


Annie Simpson
Toronto, Canada

“Donisha brings a fully human approach to her mindfulness talks and meditations. Her down to earth examples make the teaching easy to absorb and see how it can be applied in one’s own life. She uses beautiful language in her guided meditations, instilling a great sense of peace and stillness.”


Karen Moorse
Burlington, Ontario, Canada



Donisha teaches yoga classes throughout the Greater New Orleans Area and online. In her classes, she weaves mindful intention into principles of alignment and fosters a steady sense of flow and play that is accessible to different body types and physical abilities.
“I have found the practice of yoga to be a powerful way to attain peace and balance. I teach yoga in order to share the wisdom found in yogic philosophy and demonstrate its intersection with other teachings such as those found in western psychology and popular spiritual traditions. I believe there are no clear boundaries between the body, mind, and spirit, and that our individual happiness is integrally connected to the community and world around us.”

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yoga service

Yoga For Everyone! Coming Home to the Breath

Would you like Dr. Dunn to teach yoga at your company or organization?


What style of Yoga does she teach?

Donisha completed a 400-hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training at Swan River Yoga in 2013. She teaches a style of Hatha Yoga. In her classes she weaves mindful intention into principles of alignment and fosters a steady sense of flow and play. She seeks to make her classes accessible to different body types and physical abilities. Learn more about different styles of yoga here.

What are the benefits and risks of yoga?

There are many benefits and some risks with yoga (as with any physical exercise) Review this article for more information.

What Students Say

“Your style of instructing is the most centered of all types of classes I have attended. You provide verbally a space of peace and concentration. The atmosphere you provide requires you to be present and in the moment with both the educational aspect and physical.

You stepped up to provide people with an outlet during the height of the pandemic by starting your online classes. You touched us all near and far. Thank you!”


Pensacola, FL

“Your teaching style is so comforting and safe!..

[In the early days of the pandemic], as I sat in the infusion center at Touro…a ghost town because all personnel was sent to help out in an overwhelmed ICU and ED…I started to feel anxious and honestly just sad… Although I wasn’t able to physically participate in some of the yoga classes, I took the time just to stay present in the moment and breathe along. It allowed me to stop anticipating what may happen tomorrow or long for what was in the past even if just for that hour. Thank you for making an impact on my day and allowing me space to let my mind just rest for a little. I’m appreciative and grateful that you are using your gifts to be a calming presence in the midst of this unknown.”


Cori Morrison, MD
Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist
New Orleans, LA

“During the beginning of 2020! Covid! Depression and anxiety creeped in…
I discovered Dr. Dunn was teaching live on FB. She drew me in with kindness and a smile. Dr. Dunn helped me consider the emotions I was dealing with by letting myself go and really think about breathing without judging myself…It felt as if she was sitting with me side by side.

I started to enjoy being at home, I cleaned my space, made it feel open and bright. I tuned in weekly and little by little, I stopped feeling empty and cold. I felt open and energetic, a sigh of release and relief.

She has a way of protecting you no matter who you are because it’s the right thing to do. Thank you for giving your time! I needed you and you came back to me at the right time. You are a special woman and I am happy God placed you in my life.”


Chicago, IL


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